The Best Safaris in Malawi

Safari tours are a way to invest your time in Malawi, while in a open all-terrain vehicle or on a river safari. Hippo, leopard, hyena, crocodiles, elephants, wart hog, bushbuck, impala and many other animals call Malawi home. Bring your very best camera and enjoy this country’s nature. Here you will see a list of the best safaris in Malawi and also it is possible to experience them for yourself!

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Nyika National Park

Lake Malawi is the size of Belgium!

The Best Safaris in Malawi

It has over 2,000 species of fish that is colorful as well as of squawking cormorants royal fish eagles and hundreds. Visitors can snorkel among the cichlids, kayak across the very small islands in the lake or simply hang out from the shore. Other activities include snorkeling, sailing and feeding on fish eagles.

Liwonde National Park

The Best Safaris in Malawi

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Majete Wildlife Reserve

Can Not miss activities Comprise safaris in Nyika and Liwonde National Parks and in Majete Wildlife Reserve, shopping in the local craft markets and snorkeling in Lake Malawi.

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Malawi is a bird-watcher’s fantasy come true, especially at Liwonde National Park and about Lake Malawi.

Lake Malawi National Park (AKA Lake Nyassa)

Who’s Nyika Plateau, Northern Malawi

Terrain: Rolling grasslands

Animals: Zebra, roan antelope, eland, elephant, bushbuck, warthog, lion (rare), leopard, owl, hyena, porcupine, mongoose, hare

Where to stay: Chelinda Lodge (Wilderness Safaris) is pictured below.

Tasks: Day and night game drives

Overall expertise: Chelinda Lodge and its surroundings are breathtaking. To from the minute you awaken and look out in the grazing animals your experience with this enchanting grassland’s fauna, Nyika never ceases to amaze you with all natural beauty. My favorite experience saw my first leopard. After we captured a peek of her late one night, she was stalking porcupines.

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Hint: Bring warm clothes. The Nyika Plateau has a top elevation, therefore it could get quite cold.

Where: Southern Malawi

Terrain: River, marshlands, dense forest

Hens: Hippo, warthog, Nile crocodiles, water buffalo, bushbuck, water buck, Sea, heron, genet, baboon, kingfisher

Where to stay: Mvuu Wilderness Lodge and Camp (Wilderness Safaris)

Tasks: Walking safaris, day and night game drives, river safaris, village Civilization walk

Overall expertise: Liwonde National Park is possibly Malawi’s crown gem concerning abundance in flora and fauna. In my view Liwonde offers a number of the best safaris in Malawi. Elephants and buffalo roam the property, that you see these creatures for the first time, and you will never forget. Hippo is meant by mvuu, and you will see thousands of them along the Shire River banks. My favorite encounter was getting close to a single bull elephant one morning in a river safari. He was massive!

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Hint: Come for at least two nights so you get the chance to see as many animals as possible.

Terrain: Dense forest and river

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Animals: Elephants galore, black rhino (small people ), water buffalo, baboon, hippo, crocodile, water buck, sable antelope, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest (leopard, lion and cheetah are currently being introduced).

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Where to stay: Mkulumadzi Lodge (Robin Pope Safaris) is pictured below.

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Tasks: River safaris, day and night game drives, guided hikes, black rhino Monitoring experience, waterhole Seeing, village culture walk

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Overall expertise: Majete Wildlife Reserve is an area I will never forget. The volume of elephants is magnificent. I was delighted to find out that cheetah, lion and leopard have been reintroduced to the region. Currently, Majete Wildlife Reserve has a fenced in place being used to house a breeding population of black rhinothat can be jeopardized. Hopefully conservation attempts will gradually yield black rhino for future generations. My favourite experience here needed to be watching a river. It’s one of my best travel memories, for certain.

Hint: If you are staying ay Mkulumadzi Lodge, make sure you take part in at least one guided morning increase. You are going to learn about native plants such as the uterus tree and also get to visit many different bird species which are busy during morning hours.

Where: Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa bordered by Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Terrain: Lake and small islands

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Animals: Cichlid fish, cormorant, chambo (tilapia), catfish, fish eagle, water Track, snakes

The Best Safaris in Malawi

Where to stay: Watch our article Best Hotels Around Lake Malawi

Tasks: Sailing, Snorkeling, Skiing, sunbathing, swimming, and Consuming fish eagles, feeding cichlids

Overall experience: No trip to Malawi is complete without an Excursion to the”River of Stars.”

Here, tens of thousands of species of cichlid brighten up the water and entertain novice and seasoned snorkelers alike. For in case you are only looking to unwind poolside with a good book, or a luxury sailing experience across the lake, Danforth Yachting is for you. Mumbo Island Camp is for those who don’t mind”roughing it” for an evening or two in a relaxed camp setting (no electricity). The views out of Mumbo Island are magnificent and you will feel just like Robinson Crusoe! My favorite encounter fed fish eagles with Howard. So you better bring your very best camera abilities to catch the epic second Instead, they swoop down so quickly.

Hint: Bring an underwater camera with you while swimming and snorkeling. The cichlids aren’t shy to get close to you, which means you will have tons of shots that are good and have vibrant colours.

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