10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Greece is without any doubt the property with the most fascinating archaeological sites in Europe and also a destination where you have the precious chance. All these sites are essentially cradles of humankind and they tell stories about the way it all began.

Akrotiri, Santorini

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Historical Thera, Santorini

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Greece is archaeological sites that are breathtaking, and some of them are situated on its beaches that are amazing. Nearly every island homes trails of ancient and ancient heritage, destroys that complete the history of Greece. Here are the top 10 early sites on islands:

Delos, Mykonos

Akrotiri is a village that is ancient which was most likely a Minoan colony. The village reached its end in 1500 BC because of a volcanic eruption and what’s left of it today are some beautiful wall paintings that should be found at the National Archeology Museum at Athens, and constructions similar to those found in Herculaneum, such as two and three-storey buildings, shops, workshops and public backgrounds, vases and utensils. S

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Ince there weren’t jewelry or any human remains found, it seems the inhabitants managed to take refuge.

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Acropolis of Rhodes Town

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10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Kamiros, Rhodes

Thera was a town that reached its peak under the Ptolemaic dynasty, that ruled Egypt during the 3rd and 2nd centuries. The town was employed as naval base in the Aegean Sea, and was split. The website is composed of homes, baths, theaters, and tombs. The houses have been decorated with mosaics and have plumbing systems.

Ancient Agora, Kos

Here you might also find the 6th century BC Temple of Apollo Karneios, the Terrace of Festivals, the House of Ptolemy the Benefactor, and the Gymnasium of this”Epheboi” where, at the 7th century, nude boys practiced athletic events, as it can be viewed from the sensual scenes carved in the walls.

Asklepieion, Kos

Itself is a island, a open source ancient archaeological website. Delos is a small islet. Most of Delos’ ancient history relates to the worship of Artemis and Apollo, this city being their birth place. The island was the religious and political centre of the Aegean, and the scene where the”Delian” religious festivals were held at the honour of Apollo. It was home to a oracle and fantastic temples.

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Aptera, Crete

Nowadays you can admire four of its temples, the oldest being the”House of Naxians” that dates back to the 7th century BC. Athenians’ Temple was built in the 5th century BC and the Temple of Delians dates back to the 4th century BC. The website also houses the sanctuary of the Bulls , a tiny temple dedicated to Artemis, the region of the Sacred Lake guarded by statues of the agora, a scene, dinosaurs and gymnasium.

Lato, Crete

Lindos was the most important town in the island of Rhodes from about 2000 BC to 407 BC. The city of Lindos is famous mainly for its magnificent Acropolis that homes the sanctuary of Lindian Atena BC amphiprotylon temple flanked by columns and situated on the edge of a pond and a 5th century BC Propylaea.

On the other hand, the archaeological site of Lindos includes a number of other ancient structures situated outside the Acropolis, like a theatre, Boukopion (location of sacrifice), tombs and churches dating from various periods.

The Acropolis of Rhodes is situated on the Very Top of Mt. Smith, west side of Rhodes Town.

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

It was constructed on three levels such as an amphitheater and dates back to the times.

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The acropolis wasn’t reinforced and was rich.

You can Appreciate a theater Revived three Pillars of the Temple of Apollo Pythios, in the 20th century today, the Doric Stays of the Temple of a Nymphaia and Zeus Polieus, Athena Polias, a Odeon, a stadium, gymnasium and library.

Earthquakes destroyed the ancient town of Kamiros, in 226 BC along with 142 BC. The main ruins today it is possible to visit date back to the period. During those times, Kamiros was constructed on three levels and had been home to a agora, a Doric fountains home, a stoa (covered walkway) and a reservoir.

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

You can admire a 3rd century BC sanctuary that houses the remains of a temple, even the ruins of a temple dedicated to Athena, the agora and structures that are interesting. The website provides fabulous views throughout the sea all the way to Turkey’s coast.

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

The ancient Agora at Kos has been home to numerous temples, bathrooms, houses and columns, so this”ancient market” is more than only a market. Its ruins date from between the 4th century BC to the 6th century AD, the ones that are very remarkable becoming the Temple of Hercules, a shrine devoted to Aphrodite and also a Christian basilica, that goes in the 5th century AD.

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

You may admire dwellings that have retained a few of their initial floors the pillars of a stoa that dates back to the 3rd century BC, along with a statue of Hippocrates.

Asklepieion is the name given by Greeks to a healing center. The Asklepieion of Kos is situated 4 kilometers from town centre.

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The website dates back to the 3rd century BC and was committed to this god of health and medicine. Visitors will have a chance to admire three terraces.

The terrace enclosed by a portico is thought to have put a medical school, yet another terrace gets the ruins of a 4th century BC altar along with also the remains of a 2nd century BC Ionic Temple of Apollo, while the third terrace will be home the remains of a 2nd century BC Doric Temple of Asklepios. The website also houses a century AD complicated of Roman baths and a church. This site’s positioning provides views of its suburbs and Kos Town.

The site of Aptera is mostly known due to the existence of some cisterns that were used to offer water. On the other hand, the website is home to numerous interesting Greek-Roman destroys such as an early theatre condos, Roman baths and a small temple that was probably devoted to the goddess Demeter.

The city was founded in the 7th century BC and eventually became one of the most important cities in Crete. It was abandoned in 823 AD. Many of the artifacts found here are exhibited within a museum. In the region, you can also see a 19th century castle.

10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

Lato was one of the most essential Doric city-states in the island of Crete and was constructed on two hills. Its title derives from the title of Leto, the mother of Artemis and Apollo, even though the main deity worshiped this was Eileithyia.

The city thrived during the era and a lot of the remains you’ll be able to visit back to those times.

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10 Ancient Greek Sites on Greek Islands

It homes an agora, temples, cisterns, a theatre and caked dwellings. As a result of its location, the views are stunning.

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