14 El Salvador Slang Words

I crossed the border from Guatemala into El Salvador yesterday.

The process only took 20 minutes and I was in my own 41st country! I’ll truly miss my manuals Rita Laura and driver Wandemar. I’m traveling in a brand new trio- with guide Benjamin and driver Helson. When I met with them that these subsequent 12 days would be a blast, I knew. I have not been here very long, but I am starting to have El Salvador slang words or a feel.

It is no secret that Central America is a tapestry of languages and cultures, however, of being in El Salvador in the very first couple of hours I noticed that there were distinct words. I am fluent in Spanish, but even I could not tell what people were saying, so I decided to compile two El Salvador slang words when talking to locals that you might find useful.

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1. Chivo— okay, fantastic, nice, amazing

2. Bolado– anything

3. Chero or Chera— friend (m) or (f)

4. Bicho or Bicha— small kids (the significance of”bicho” varies in every Spanish-speaking country.)

5. Cipote or Cipota— teenager or young person (m) or (f)

6. Vea— to get actual

7. Tierno– newly born

8. Dundo– dumb

9. Baboso— idiotic (can also be loosely translated into”drooler”)

10. Chucho– dog

11. De Choto– for free

12. Salu– good bye

13. Chuco– dirty

14. Puya– wow

These are a few frequent day-to-day words that I picked up. I’ll keep posting as my understanding of El Salvadorian Spanish expands. Here is just another words:

14 El Salvador Slang Words

15. De Choto– for free

16. Chucho– dog

17. Guebiar– rob

18. Puchica– damn

19. Chele– white person

20. Pisto– money

My guide told me that at the southern areas of the country, the folks use J (jota) in every word and I will picture this as soon as I arrive in 5 days.

14 El Salvador Slang Words

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14 El Salvador Slang Words

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Special thanks to the El Salvador Tourism Organization.

14 El Salvador Slang Words

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14 El Salvador Slang Words

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