5 Underneath the Radar Cities to Visit in Europe

Whenever your family and friends visit Europe, you hope to hear that they’re going to a destination such as Paris, London, or Rome. If you’d like your European holiday to be different from the norm, it’s time to go away from your cities that are normal and visit a lesser-known destination.

5 Underneath the Radar Cities to Visit in Europe

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A great deal of cities, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, are gold mines where you are able to experience a side of Europe that’s still under the radar.


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Coimbra, Portugal

The design in Ljubljana is stunning. This Renaissance and Baroque influences combine to create buildings. You will find an interesting blend of Mediterranean and Germanic influences coloring Ljubljana Since Slovenia is between Austria and Italy. Make a biking or walking tour while you’re there to get more historic information concerning the design you visit in the city.

Krakow, Poland

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The city of Dubrovnik is on the Adriatic Sea, and in-the-know tourists have discovered it to be a vacation spot, though you might not have seen visiting before. You’ll discover palaces worth visiting in Dubrovnik, including the Sponza Palace. Dubrovnik has a Summer Festival that observes Croatian history and culture that is contemporary with dance, music, theater, and much more and crosses 45 times. Go between August 25 and July 10 .

5 Underneath the Radar Cities to Visit in Europe

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Sarajevo is a stunning Eastern European city with Ottoman touches which you can see today. The city has a population under 500,000, Although it’s the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  There are less than a thousand people in this city’s metropolitan location. When you visit Sarajevo, you are going to find. Thanks in part to the history and tourist population that is reduced , many travel experts suggest visiting Eastern Europe throughout a Eurotrip.

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The traditional music of Portugal, Coimbra is a great spot to see if you want to hear fado. Head to Coimbra rather than Lisbon to escape important tourist crowds and high temperatures. This city used to be the funding, and it features a medieval section that has been. The University of Coimbra is beautiful.

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5 Underneath the Radar Cities to Visit in Europe

Central Krakow is full of medieval architecture. This city has withstood a very lengthy history of wars along with other adjustments, providing it diversity and vibrance values investigating. One of Krakow’s major draws is the town’s walkability. You spend researching restaurants and bars may see parts of the city, or wander through Park Lotnikow Polskich on a beautiful afternoon.

Spend your next holiday in cities which are well worth a visit. Explore than the norm to have an experience distinct from the European holiday that men and women take. The architecture is beautiful, the food provides experiences, and you’re going to receive plenty of European history from a perspective you never learned in college. Do not worry if you make it into a few cities. You always have the option to go back.