The Wynwood Arts District’s Craft Breweries

South Florida is currently a hot place for micro-breweries, if you did not know. The brewing business in the area has been growing, and Wynwood has been at the core of everything. There are Wynwood Brewery; 3 breweries, Concrete Beach Brewery, along with J Wakefield Brewery.

Wynwood Brewery Company

For the best experience, the very best thing to do is walk out of 1 brewery on precisely the road 24th NW, to the other as they are quite close. While walking, you will get to delight in the art of this place. Here are the Wynwood Arts District’s art breweries!

The Wynwood Arts District

Concrete Beach Brewery

The Wynwood Arts District

J Wakefield Brewery

Wynwood Brewing Company was the first company. It started its operation in December 2013, and ever since then, it has been doing a superb job at achieving its objective of bringing fresh, flavorful, and innovative beers to South Floridians and tourists alike. True for this, there is really something here for the hoppiest of people to the drinkers.

The Wynwood Arts District

This beer place offers a variety specialty beers and a fantastic atmosphere you’ll be able to enjoy. They do than any other brewery in the area, but they are exquisite at what they do. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It is possible to take the 1-hour brewery excursion offered, and you will get to enjoy a glass that is free plus some pints also.

Outside, there are. There are no TVs, and therefore it brings back to create you socialize with team and individuals. While here, don’t forget to try their winning beer, even the Pop’s Porter.

Even the Concrete Beach Brewery is just another craft beer producer located just a small distance. They are famous for creating beers that are motivated from Miami’s cultures and flavors, and they also do this while encouraging the arts and community associations in the neighborhood they serve. The place has a exceptional setting, a terrific setting, and also among the best ways to start is with a flight.

Though a real brewery with even a beer bar, the place somehow feels more like a”hang out.” Here, you will get to enjoy the craft beers they provide at a place that is cozy. The staff is friendly, and also you may tell them what you normally drink, and they’ll recommend something you’ll certainly love if you are not as much to the stressful out.

Additionally, there are excellent vibes and table games that you may enjoy. This is a cool place to hang out with friends and also a must-do in a visit to Wynwood.

The brewery we visited was that the J Wakefield brewery. Of the breweries in Wynwood are unique, and this is certainly no exception.  The area is beautifully themed with star wars art that is fine, and they are famed for their Florida Weiss Sour Beers. They include to be able to come up with this beer which has a few sweet concoctions that both refresh and pucker your lips local tropical fruits to fermentation.

The Wynwood Arts District

J Wakefield is a fun little place. The headset is a experimental individual, and this, therefore, means that it is for trying something new a fantastic brewery.

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There are also and quirky flavors offerings that change frequently. For the beer lovers, there are 14 other beers on tap so you can’t overlook a favorite. If you are trying to try out with a few beers, this is certainly the place!

The Wynwood Arts District

Each brewery here has its very own charm. Visiting them all gives you the chance. My pics have been El Jefe at the J Wakefield Brewery, Mas Hops Double IPA at the Concrete Beach Brewery along with Pops Porter at the Wynwood Brewery.

Photos by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse.

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The Wynwood Arts District