Inspiring Places to Visit in France

France is a beautiful country, located in Western Europe. France is named the state in the world. The graphics of fine wine cuisine, the Eiffel Tower appear in the mention of this country in our minds.

Eiffel Tower

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Inspiring Places to Visit in France

Mont Saint-Michel

The true European way of life of the people along with lovely landscapes of France distinguish the others and this country. For several centuries, property that was French motivated writers, artists, and poets’ masterpieces.

Cote d’Azur

Traveling in France, you will be astounded by the diversity of this landscape. You can see in your way a breathtaking coastline, amazing heaven and the enormous mountain ranges along with gently sloping lake valleys. Going to France, you may consider studying language with French tutors. It is not easy to go to all corners of France, so we have prepared for you an overview of 9 places that must be visited.


The most famous landmark of France, clearly, is that the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower had to be dismantled twenty years after. But with the beginning of the radio age, it became unexpectedly in need — the radio antennas were installed on the top of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a miracle of technology.

Chambord Castle

Seven million guests move until the tower each year, but nearly everyone agrees that every visit is unique. You can go to the Eiffel Tower in the night, when it’s lit by flickering lights, and float there, enjoying the city’s unbelievable panorama. It is great to grab a bite close to it. You can enjoy baguette, cheese, and wine.

Lake Geneva

The Eiffel Tower figured in one of the loudest scams of this previous century. Under cover of secrecy, Victor Lustig, a famous con man that gathered a meeting of businessmen in 1925, at which he declared that the government meant to sell the Eiffel Tower for scrap. Andre Poisson bought out the tower. He even paid a sum in money. Even recognizing that the deception, Mr. Poisson didn’t complain about the authorities, fearing to be ridiculed. Lustig was able to sell the Eiffel Tower.


Photo by Normandy Sightseeing Tours


Mont Saint-Michel is the second most significant and largest sightseeing after the Eiffel Tower. Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky island that is connected by means of a dam into the northwestern part of mainland France. This is the three’s only populated rocky island . This island with a granite base was turned into a fortress.


This lovely and amazing monastery in the island is a real miracle, in the sight of. The nature and structure are gorgeous. The ebb, which divides the tide, significantly affects the landscape. There are approximately thirty residents in the town on the island. Countless measure the crowds of tourists from other countries annually. Become one of them and you won’t ever regret. The way, the monastery located this whole region and Normandy deserves attention. The actual Camembert and Neuchatel cheese along with cider are made here and that must be tried by you in the event you do not consider yourself a fan of this beverage.

The Shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the southeast of France is also affectionately called the French Riviera.

Inspiring Places to Visit in France

This shore with azure seas its landscapes and developed infrastructure remains one of the most beautiful places in France. On the face of its rich history, this shore attracts many people — tourists, actors, writers, artists (such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse) along with also the world’s wealthiest people. Cote d’Azur is famed for its trendy coastal cities — Cannes, Nice, and Saint-Tropez, which stay exclusive resorts now.

The unique park and palace ensemble Versailles will surprise you with luxury and its beauty. Versailles Park is one of largest and the most beautiful in Europe, and small architectonic types are a addition to the type of this complex.

Inspiring Places to Visit in France

The palace’s dimensions is huge, it could accommodate more than twenty five thousand people in exactly the same time. The ceiling height is 12 , and the duration of which is 70 meters, the walls have been adorned with also the same number of windows as well as 17 luxurious mirrors, creating an indescribable match of sunlight glare. The Palace of Versailles is surrounded by a park extending over a place of 100 hectares. Versailles is contained in the record of monuments protected by UNESCO. Each calendar year, Versailles is visited by approximately four thousand tourists.

It is said that there are more than 40,000 castles of age, safety, and size on the land of France. The bead of the French Renaissance, Chambord is the Loire Valley’s glorious castle and also one of the largest in Europe, although the fact that it was never finished. It was built by order of King Francis I Valois, Leonardo da Vinci’s former patron. The castle has 426 rooms, 77 staircases, along with 282 bedrooms.

The Lake Geneva is not entirely possessed by the Swiss. Most of its southern coastline is French. The most popular location is Evian, known for the mineral water, which flows from the tap directly on the street. Other attractions include the most Evian Resort with a few of the greatest spa centers in the world, that the Lumière country home, the ancient castles, and also the cable car into Chablais Mount.

Grasse is the world capital of perfume and the very fragrant city around the Cote. A unique aesthetic joy is given by the lavender fields that are legendary. Lavender usually blooms from mid-June to August. Make sure you obtain the chance to visit with this region of France, it is deservedly considered among the very beautiful. The city of the region is Avignon one of the most romantic locations in Europe. Among the most famous sights within this region is that the Abbey of all Notre-Dame de Senanque.

Inspiring Places to Visit in France

The second most significant city in France is the birthplace of both Antoine p Saint-Exupery, cinema, where Lumière brothers filmed Leaving the textile industry of Europe and the Factory. Visitors visit every year from December Lyon to see The Grand Festival of Lights. Lyon is thought of as the gastronomic capital of the world. However , besides food and wine, here you may go to many museums, churches, and Roman ruins.

Photo by Trip 101

Strasbourg is Located in the border of Germany and France.

So, this city’s legacy has distinct features of both countries. It is a city that exudes the charm of this old world and attracts people as a magnet. The city is well famous for its promenade along which are lovely cathedrals homes and churches, and lots of flower shops. Strasbourg is an ideal base for those wishing to go to with the River Rhine or the Black Forest.

Strasbourg is not merely the central city bordering the officially Christmas capital but also Germany in the Alsace region. On the eve of this holidayseason, this gingerbread city with swans in channels at any time of the year and storks on rooftops turns into a living illustration of the fairy tales of Charles Perrault. It is appealing to invest a fortune for Christmas toys.

Inspiring Places to Visit in France